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Reconnecting your life – realize another plane

I want you to wonder. . . .
I want you to realize another plane . . .
part of a much greater plane. . . .
You have always been part of the cycle. . . .
You are here to facilitate your perception. . . .
You are coming into a plateau of existence. . . .
We have much to understand in this space.

– Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life


Eric Pearl over Reconnective Healing en de Reconnection [video - NL ondertiteld]

Eric Pearl vertelt in een notendop wat Reconnective Healing inhoudt en waar de Reconnection voor staat:

Healing is not limited to our perspective of recovering from something

“Healing is not limited to our perspective of recovering from something, or regaining the use of an arm, a leg, a liver, a kidney… Really healing is much, much more …

Healing is our continued evolution within this life, and really, within this universe.

Healing is, the fact that we can always be more than we are. I believe that is our purpose for living…”

~ Eric Pearl

Hoe werkt Reconnective Healing? Niemand weet het precies

The patients’ needs are recognized by the universe, which then supplies the circumstances that allow for the appropriate response to those needs.

How does that happen exactly? No one really knows. If pressed, I’d theorize that a patient’s vibrational frequencies somehow interact with and respond to the vibrations coming in from the universe via our involvement. When the vibrations change, so do all the “higher” particles and structures that the vibrations define. Is the lower vibration entraining to the higher one? Maybe. More likely, when these frequencies (the patient’s, yours, and that of the universe) interact, the waves may combine at such release points as to bring about a different frequency altogether. In other words, three frequencies may entrain to form yet a new one that wasn’t present in the original set—something that’s created out of their meeting almost as if they sort their own enzymatic or catalytic event.

– The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (Ch. 13)


Nederlandse vertaling:

De behoeften van de patiënt worden door het universum herkend, dat vervolgens de omstandigheden creëert waardoor de juiste reactie op die behoeftes optreedt.

Hoe dat gebeurt? Niemand weet het precies. Als je per se wilt horen hoe ik het doe: ik stel me altijd voor dat de trillingsfrequenties van de patiënt op de een of andere manier in wisselwerking staan met en reageren op de trillingen die via ons uit het universum komen. Als de trillingen veranderen, doen alle ‘hogere’ deeltjes en structuren die de trillingen bepalen, dat ook. Past de lagere trilling zich aan aan de hogere? Misschien. Het is waarschijnlijker dat, wanneer deze frequenties (van de patiënt, van jou en van het universum) op elkaar inwerken, de golven zich op dergelijke loslatingspunten verenigen om een totaal andere frequentie tot stand te brengen. Met andere woorden, die frequenties kunnen samengaan om een nieuwe frequentie te vormen die in de oorspronkelijke samenstelling nog niet aanwezig was – iets dat voortvloeit uit het samengaan daarvan – bijna alsof ze hun eigen enzymatische of katalytische gebeurtenis orchestreren.

Uit: De Reconnectie – Heel anderen, heel jezelf. Hoofdstuk 13, pagina 134.

The genuine twinkle of the truth of magic….

Kinderen en Reconnective Healing

Kinderen en Reconnective Healing

Eric Pearl, in an interview about Reconnective Kids! with Cathi Curen:

“Children allow themselves to access the magical. The magical in the good sense of the word, not magic as in artificial with showmanship, but the genuine twinkle of the truth of magic….

My goal with The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing is that this becomes a second nature for every human on the planet. So therefore, as the children learn to access this, the parents get to see that it’s not imagination. The children get to own it as they grow up and they don’t talk it out of their own children in the next generation. And pretty soon, we won’t have to study or learn it.

Cathi Curren: We won’t be having this conversation, we’ll just be doing it.

“There‘s a new level of healing and a new level of evolution for all of us here on the planet. And it simply becomes the choice for each and everyone of us, whether we’re willing to step up into it, in essence, whether we’re willing to “come home”.
It will be just like breathing. We just breathe.”

Ga je mediteren, of boek je een Reconnective Healing sessie?

Behoefte aan rust in je hoofd? Mediteren helpt. Het vraagt wel veel toewijding. Ervaar eens wat een Reconnective Healing sessie voor je doet!

Reconnective Healing is tastbaar en voelbaar – ook in je hoofd

Active Listening Awareness brings opportunities for moments of great depth

Active Listening Awareness brings opportunities for moments of great depth for both Practitioner and client.

Learn to Become the Healing Instrument You Are!

~ Eric Pearl

Reconnective Healing & Reconnection vergeleken met elkaar

comparing RH en rec

What is understood by mystics and other spiritual individuals for centuries

String theory proposes that the shape and content of the entire universe is determined by ‘vibrational frequencies’ in the heart of every single atom, every single particle. This concept corroborates the proposition that ultimately, there is no difference between matter and energy. All is one-and all is a kind of music. Sound familiar? This concept has been understood by mystics and other spiritual individuals for centuries.

“What we are doing is reconnecting strings”

~ Eric Pearl