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Reconnecting Your Life

solomon-binnenkantReconnecting Your Life is de subtitel van Eric Pearl’s tweede boek: Solomon speaks. Hij heeft dit samen met Frederick Ponzlov geschreven.

De titels van de hoofdstukken zijn veelzeggend, zoals:

  • Hear Your Own Music
  • Trust that You are Enough
  • We find ‘ourselves’ in Interaction with Others
  • It’s about Clearing, not about Complicating
  • Reconnect to the Greater Force that is




Solomon speaks on reconnecting your life, about process

Reconnecting your life – realize another plane

I want you to wonder. . . .
I want you to realize another plane . . .
part of a much greater plane. . . .
You have always been part of the cycle. . . .
You are here to facilitate your perception. . . .
You are coming into a plateau of existence. . . .
We have much to understand in this space.

– Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life


Your life force is greater than the sum of your experiences ~ Solomon Speaks


Solomon speaks: you are opening doors