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The genuine twinkle of the truth of magic….

Kinderen en Reconnective Healing

Kinderen en Reconnective Healing

Eric Pearl, in an interview about Reconnective Kids! with Cathi Curen:

“Children allow themselves to access the magical. The magical in the good sense of the word, not magic as in artificial with showmanship, but the genuine twinkle of the truth of magic….

My goal with The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing is that this becomes a second nature for every human on the planet. So therefore, as the children learn to access this, the parents get to see that it’s not imagination. The children get to own it as they grow up and they don’t talk it out of their own children in the next generation. And pretty soon, we won’t have to study or learn it.

Cathi Curren: We won’t be having this conversation, we’ll just be doing it.

“There‘s a new level of healing and a new level of evolution for all of us here on the planet. And it simply becomes the choice for each and everyone of us, whether we’re willing to step up into it, in essence, whether we’re willing to “come home”.
It will be just like breathing. We just breathe.”


Reconnective Healing is een gift van deze tijd

Eric Pearl, grondlegger van de Reconnection verwoordt het zo:

Reconnective Healing: It’s a gift of this time; the intelligence and wisdom we need to guide us is already in place. As a race, we are entering a level of frequency where the untruths will not be able to entrain their vibrations, and being too dense, will simply fall away; the separations will be healed; the superstitions will be released. We are embarking on the exciting process of stepping through our fears, recognizing how so many of them come disguised as rituals of love and beauty.

– The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (Ch. 12)